Concealed Carry Representation

Defending You After You Defend Yourself

After every officer involved shooting, the responding law enforcement sequester the officer who had to fire their weapon.  No questions are asked until after the officer has had the opportunity to speak with his or her union attorney.

Law enforcement follows this procedure because they are aware to the importance of legal counsel prior to providing a statement.  Heightened emotions and shock often result in inaccurate statements that could lead to criminal charges.  Law enforcement is familiar with this fact and protects their brothers-in-arms by ensuring that they have legal counsel prior to making any statements.

As a valid CCW permit holder, you have accepted the responsibility and risks associated with carrying a concealed handgun.  Should you ever have to discharge your weapon, Concealed Carry Representation believes that you are entitled to the same protections that law enforcement agencies provide to their officers.

As a member, a lawyer will be immediately dispatched to represent after your use-of-force incident.  Contact the 24/7 hotline on your membership card and advise the responding officers that you will provide a statement AFTER you have spoken with your attorney.

Concealed Carry Representation takes the guess work out of locating and the expense of retaining an attorney after you’ve been involved in a crisis situation.

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